Suckit Dust Boot - “directed suction”

Just received one of the brand new versions of the Suckit Dust boot! Such an awesome improvement over the old one! Very happy with the purchase, it did take about a month to get everything straightened out. But Jenn is amazing and the customer support is top notch!


My previous version Suckit works so well it’s hard to imagine that “better” isn’t splitting hairs.

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I agree! I wasn’t even aware a new one existed until it arrived! Very solid product!

Agree with @StevePrior, this thing really sucks.

@TrentW hows the price?

Same price as the previous version it just replaced it. It’s not an up sell. I actually ordered the previous version and this is what I received.

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damn I may have to upgrade now. Just so I can know if one is actually better.

Maybe the mystery is part of their strategy :joy::joy:

They have my attention lol

In all seriousness I may do it just because I’m about to upgrade my Z and need the other parts anyway.

I recently received my suckit with the new “directed suction” boot. I was a little taken aback that it’s actually a 3d print. I may be wrong on this point, but I don’t believe the website mentions that at all. It probably wouldn’t have changed my purchase if I’d known, but it does seem like something that they should let buyers know in advance. I’ll also say that the quality of the print is good, but not great. Some of the planes are not air-tight, for example.

Having said, it works really well and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from buying. I’ll just need to wait and see how it holds up over time.

You must have purchased yours right in between versions. Bc it is listed on their website at this point.

I ordered mine a little over 4 weeks ago and I definitely did not see that mentioned anywhere. I don’t have any experience with 3D printed parts so I can’t decide if that is a disappointment or not. I just hope it is not so fragile that it would break during shipping. That would suck too.

It does’t seem like you can see the cutting area with the new version. Is the cutting area visible?

Not as much, just a small area around the bit.

What diameter is the hose connection ?

I have the original. I like it, but my adjusting thumb screws come loose sometimes and the whole unit wants to drop. Not a fan of that part.

I put some Gorilla tape in the channels where the screws ends are so it is not metal on metal and the screws do not come loose anymore, Gives them something to grab into.

Cant hurt to try that, I guess.