Suckit dust boot question!

I got my suckit boot yesterday and installed it today! I ordered the longer arms as well due to raised y axis. My question is shouldn’t the brush touch the wasteboard? When mine is bottomed out the brush is still an eighth of an inch or so above the surface. Is this how it should be?

Thank you, but the Mdf is the surface I cut on.

I adjust mine so the brush just rests on the work surface.

I can`t wait to get mine. Did it take long for yours to get dispatched?
love the Harley sign by the way:)

So it should be fine then! Thanks guys for the input. I ordered mine on the 31 of Oct and got it yesterday. I’ll be using it with a shop vac too begin with, any ideas on how to run the hose? This is my first attempt to control the chips and dust.

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~$200.00 for a dust collector.
You wont be sorry, and its MUCH quieter.

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I’ve been looking at the one from harbor freight like that.

There’s a number of people on here that have one from Harbor Freight.
Basically the same thing.
I just happen to like Grizzly.
I have a number of machines from them and I have never been disappointed.

Have to see what’s the best deal on black Friday!

What brushes are those? They are way longer than standard suckit brushes and would help limit the chances of the dust boot clashing with hold down clamps.

You are correct. (good eye)
The suckit comes with 1" brush.
And yes, it did interfere with my clamps.
So I ordered a 2" brush from McMasters and trimmed it down to ~1 1/4
No more interference.
mcmaster carr