Suckit mount broke

well I now have no dust boot.
The tightening parts on top and bottom are broke. :frowning:
I am going to have to figure out a better solution. the design is bad they crack and break easily.
they should have been made out of metal

The suckit works great with the amount of dust is captures but I will agree its a bit fragile.
Mine also broke quiet early into using it. (CA glued it back together more than once).

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what glue is ca glue and where can I get it

CA = Cyanoacrylate i.e. SuperGLue

uh, oh,
I just ordered one yesterday.
Hope that wasn’t a mistake.

You might want to contact the Suckit folks. They provide excellent customer service and stand behind their products.

I’m confident that they’ll help you out.

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I didn’t do anything to make them break.
The vibration is heavy. Also I didn’t bother contacting them as they are 12 bux each and I ordered new ones.
I am going to see about making new ones out of metal or another material later. They are not difficult and easy to measure to create new parts. One of the nice things about owning an X-carve.

I used CA glue (loctite superglue) to repair screw mounting hole on the thin horizontal piece of my dust boot that’s closest to the spindle when its lowered. I was fiddling around with the spindle and lowered to too much and heard a crack. It seem to work I suppose, we’ll see if and when I get my x-controller. I traced it out so I’ll make another one when I get up and running.

Mine the entire insert broke out and if it were repairable I would fix it with glue but I threw it away as it was useless and the glue did not take.

Looks like they did a redesign. I will be getting 2 new ones with the new design.
:slight_smile: I will post pictures when it arrives.

I didn’t have anything to compare it with… but with the new design I had it installed in minutes… super easy breezy…

ITs sucking again!
I carved a new bracket out of Oak. The brass inserts I had to reverse. They are on the inside instead of what the image shows.
now I can use it till the new ones get in. :smiley:


Smartly done… the new parts don’t even have the middle portion anymore… I think you are good to go !

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Thanks Phil.
its my first time repairing something around the shop.
:slight_smile: Now if only I had some aluminum I would make those risers you made.

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I picked up some Kreg Mini Trak from the hardware/lumber store.

I need some block aluminum for milling not the mini track.
But cool I will eventually need some in the future.

Heh. I didn’t know that Inventables sold T-Slot as well.

Yes, I agree…the SuckIt folks have really good customer service. The bottom bracket on mine broke so I designed (SketchUp2017) and printed one (ABS, 100% fill). Here’s the .stl file:

Suckit bottom bracket.stl (78.0 KB)

The ends are trimmed since I’ve made modifications to my 50-cm X-Carve to use as much of the surface as possible. The original bottom bracket reduced my X travel distance by a couple cm. The holes for the inserts are slightly smaller than necessary and need to be drilled out with a 13/64" bit. I secured the inserts with Super Glue.

I used these inserts:

Mine had broke and I made one out of wood. I used the old inserts and it works good.
The company sent me out new parts.
Great company and I really like the suckit.

I drilled holes in mine and attached it directly to the x carriage and don’t use the stock mounts anymore.

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