Suckit purchase

After reading through forum I am contemplating buying the Suckit. There are several choices. I need simple can anyone recommend which one I should go for with the 1000mm

Thanks in advance

I have all three iterations of their dust shoes. Get this one.

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Thank you! Will order today

Out of curiosity, is there a reason why someone would choose a Suckit dust boot over what Inventables sells? Is this better somehow?

They’re essentially the same since SuckIt helped design the Inventables dust shoe. Inventables has a “better” mount system for the Xcarriage but it also is only available as a whole system, hose and hose support included.

If you don’t need that, you’d save $100+ going straight with SuckIt.

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… and if you’re shipping to the UK, it’s much cheaper to just get the Suckit and sort out your own support.

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