Sudden loss of power on Y axis

Hi Everyone,

Need a little help in direction. My X-Carve moves freely along the Y-Axis when it is not under strain. The moment I put the end mill onto the surface of stock it starts binding. We’ve been using for over two years now regularly. Not sure where to start with he repair. New Steppers or new power supply, etc. Any help is appreciated would love your thoughts.

Sounds like no power from the Y-driver, if you connect the Y-motors to the X-driver do they then move?

It moves properly with the motors until I start cutting and then the Y axis starts missing. It’s not the cables slipping.

Okay, so for some reason it seem to lack power to work the material?
Please elaborate on your hardware, like motor data and controller info. (Xcontroller or gshield)

But if you swap the X and Y driver output with Y-motors and X-motor, what is the result when carving?

Gen1 Xcarve? Check the pulley screws