Suggested feed rate for Poplar?

I apologize if this is a duplicate post, but I searched a bunch already and didn’t find any specifics. I’ve seen a number of people using Poplar, but I haven’t been seen any hard numbers for feed rate.

I’m about to do my first real carve, on something other than plywood or MDF, and I’m a bit nervous. :wink: Also, this is a sign and has some fairly small letters. As such, I will need to use a 1/16" end mill for parts of it. That’s another reason why I want to get a basic idea of where I should start for feed. Can anyone offer advice?

These are the default settings in Easel:

I added material Hardness where I could based on a flooring website I found.
generally the rules of thumb around here seem to be to:

  • run the feedrate as close to 60 IPM/1500mm per min as possible
  • stepover at half the tool width
  • set the depth of cut to the tool diameter.

I know this is not helpful for a particular type of wood…
I can only suggest taking a scrap or extra piece,
putting in some settings less than those which you think will not snap your tool,
like those above, maybe with a lesser depth of cut to start,
and try it to see what happens.


Those are metric, right?
I don’t even run my real machining center that fast.

I’m running a cut right now on a mystery block of wood
1/4" bit (= ~6.5mm), 4mm stepover, 1.5mm DOC and it is seamless.
nice big chips like small grains of rice.
I am ramping up the DOC as I go to see where I start to stick…

At what feedrate?

1500 mm/min feedrate.