Suggestion: Pen Plotting Mode

How about creating a pen plotting mode? Like others I’ve 3d printed a pen holder and played around with pen plotting on my x-carve. It’s not hard to plot in Easel, but it would be a breeze if Easel supported it by providing a ‘Paper’ material and ‘Sharpie’ tool. Easel just plotting all the geometry projected onto a single ‘top’ plane. I don’t suggest spending lots of engineering effort on this, but if it’s not too much trouble it might be a nice feature to show off the machine.



Hi Andy,
Great suggestion.
Have you done any plotting on your machine?
I have a 3018 (small) machine. I can easily make a pen holder for,
but my only dilemma is how do you keep the spindle motor from turning on?
With the easel program you cannot start the machine operation till you
turn on the motor. I could just unplug the motor terminal connections, but I
worry that the g-code impulses to the disabled motor could somehow damage
the controller. Can you change the $$ g-code command to another value so as not to turn
on the motor?
Thanks for any help or suggestions you may provide.

If you look at @PhillipLunsford’s YouTube channel he does just that (paw paw;s workshop)