Suggestion to inventables

Hey all, I know im probably not the only one who would like to ask a simple question that a lot of users on here could probably answer, but i hesitate sometimes to start a new thread for a question as it takes up space in the forum and sometimes im not successful on searching for similar questions that have already been posted.

So i’m posting this to see if it’s possible to get a live messenger feature on the forum part of the site, so when I have questions that have simple, quick answers, i can just go to the messenger feature to ask people that are online.


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The search function is probably as good as I’ve ever used on a forum. If you can’t find an answer in the results, then post a thread about it. It’s not like they’re gonna run out of space, and once your thread stops getting replied to it will get pushed further down the list.

A big part of forums like this is helping other people out with tips or questions etc, so don’t be afraid to ask questions

You are able to send private messages, you can’t find who is online but I don’t think any questions would be super urgent to be answered right away,.

Sticky threads would be great, and some sort of index

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impulsive, dumb, blunt question > you get ignored
politely asked showing you try to understand what you are doing > lots of help

It would help others too if you wrap up your results at the end of your post

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