Suggestions for Bits and Sourcing Them


I’m a relatively new user and have been spending the last week doing some hard research on my machine, CNCing in general, and running test carves on my Machine. So in this I have found that there is a milling bit for every occasion and was wondering what kinds the community recommends, and where they recommend getting it from.

I’m interested in milling hard plastic in both 3D and 2.5D parts as well as Aluminum and Hard Woods. What should I get and where should I get them?

Thanks for the help and looking forward to the replies!

Hello and welcome

so I would suggest even starting out to use high quailty tooling they might cost more upfront but you will be happy with the long term results

I use primarily Onsrud Tooling

but I also use
grizzly (only certain ones like form tools)

So couple things to keep in mind are

HSS Bits are for
natural woods and aluminum

Carbide bits
are for almost everything else including any type of engineered wood like mdf, particle board, plywood etc

pay attention to chips loads as you learn the cnc machine you will want to run your tools as close to chip recommendations as you can

alot of times you will find that if your tools are not cutting correctly you may need to speed up instead of slowing down

also its good practice to measure the diameter of your tools because if they say they are .25" that may not always be the case

also take into consideration the 3 main types of tools (plus 1 special)

good top side finish and extra work piece holding

good bottom side finish and a must for some plastics

good top and bottom finish a must for laminated woods

good for composite materials like carbon fiber and card board

I guess I will add my two cents on this one just because I am the oddball when it comes to conforming to the general rule with tooling

Diamond cut fishtail
Ebay/ amazon cheap good for copper/ brass/ steel/ the smaller ones are good to remove fuzz in wood with a profile pass

straight flute carbide router bit
wood/aluminium/plastic use the cheapo v bits to chamfer steel and vcarve aluminium/wood
also use for surfacing waste board face milling soft metals

many uses mainly 3d carving ebay/ amazon
wood / aluminium/plastic

micro v bits
wood/steel/soft metals/plastic

This is the list of my most used bits and what I use them for. I favour straight flute carbides for aluminium they are harder and last longer I have had no issues with chips welding to them and a plus is when dull they can easily be resharpened. Many may disagree with my methods but it works for me. My bits are from ebay/ hardware store/ auction

I agree with both @WorkinWoods and @PhilJohnson. I just recently started spending the money on some higher end bits, I actually like Freud a lot.

But if you’re not too sure about your feeds and aren’t too comfortable yet eBay/amazon is your friend!

I find Inventables actually is quite reasonable and are in that goldilocks area, not crazy expensive and pretty good quality. I buy all my single flute upcut bits from them.

Kodiak Cutting Tools -

I’ve used their bits and they work great so far. They are all up-cutting bits. I personally find their prices reasonable.

I’m personally in love with Yonico
For me its perfect balance of price and performance so far I have not been disappointing even once.

Pretty new to CNC myself, and I’ve had good luck with Amana bits for finer detail work and “bang for the buck”. I order all of them from Amazon… Freud is has also shown to be a really decent bit for the money. FYI… The “Diablo” router bits at Home Depot are made by Freud.