Suggestions for projects for a group of kids

Some families in my neighborhood organize a “Parent Camp” every summer, where for 3 weeks, we take turns doing activities with all the kids. I’m signed up for two days next week and I’m going to have 16 kids from 5-12 years old at my house and I’m looking for some project suggestions to work on with the kids to give them an introduction to CNC.

I have an X-Carve 750mm and I mostly have used Easel so far. I recently took the plunge and figured out F-Engrave for V-carving. I also have Fusion 360, but I’ve barely touched it.

Sign making is an obvious option. So is the mosaic tile project from Inventables. What else, within the confines of only having 2 days and trying to give all 16 kids a turn.

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Wasn’t there a birdhouse project shared on easel?

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What about spinners? You could design a few different options to choose from and the kids would love them!

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i have been making coasters from my scraps. just a 4" square piece of wood and let them put anything that will fit in it. paint sand and poly and they are done. each one could have a project. i have done a lot of differant ones and sold them but they ussually take under 10 minutes to cut. just an idea.

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For my daughters 6th birthday I made a couple of knight shields they had to personalize with paint.

When finished and after some lemonade they went on a tour in the forest to save the princess (older sister). During the search we did several games, eating candy hanging from a tree, pieces of apple in a bowl of water, 50m sprint on the largest boots we could find etc. This how That was fun looks like:


Man I can barely trust myself with my machine. I can just imagine how 14 kids would be! Good luck!

Fun foam works great for kid stuffs.
I have used it for a few projects as its very tough and comes in a variety of colors.
It can be cut on the X-carve if you get the thick stuff and use a sharp cutting bit. :smiley:
I did a skull out of some black 1/8" stuff.