Suggestions for threaded rods

So I just saved these for the trash bin of our company:

Now I’m not quite sure what I shall do with them.
They run super smooth
I still have the stock Maschine and am eyeballing with an z upgrade. I was wondering If they could do the trick. The linear rails are super tiny so I’m not sure if they are suitable. Any other suggestions?

Yeah I know all of you will recommend the x carve slider from cnc4newbies. I’m located in Germany and haven’t had any luck locating anything near one of these on eBay or alsware. I quoted cnc4newbie for an estimated shipping cost to Germany but haven’t had any answers yet.

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Yeah that was actually my second and more reasonable thought :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yeah they are pretty heavy, so Phil you are right as always.

I might really make a small heavy duty cnc out of them in the near … (or many far) futur.

Definitely happy I saved them from being through away

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Any words on these tiny linear rails?
Are they good for anything?
Maybe they can help me on upgrading my stock z?

Build a 3D printer, by the looks they have 30cm of travel? (if that’s a news paper next to it)

Oh that’s a great idea I still wanted to make an router table! These things where perfectly fine for that… I think.
Have you any pictures of your drum sander?

Yes you might be right with the lengths.
I’m not such a big fan of 3D printers. I think I’ve seen some printers with these rails.

According to this, the rails are 9mm wide and 195mm long. The blocks being 30mm long, it leaves you with 165mm of travel. Total height is 10mm.

Maybe you could come up with a lightweight Z for the X-Carve with, say, an 8mm ACME rod.

And guess what, you already have one on the Z. So, one idea would be to switch the V wheels with your rails.

To keep the rod and bearing in the same position you will have to keep the 35mm distance (according to gradcab) between the X carrier and the spindle mount. All you need to make is two 15mm thick rear bars for the rails and two 10mm thick front bars (with mating holes for the blocks and the spindle plate). It’s easier to keep the makerslide holding the bearing and motor (thus two rear bars instead of a single rear plate), cause if you remove it you will need to also make you own motor plate. Then it gets more complicated. It’s just the V wheels and their spacers that will be removed.

If you decide to attempt this, get a fourth SEBZ10.

For $39 (plus the cost of your bars) you will end up with something more compact and stronger that a cnc4newbie.

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So the main weak point of the stock z are just the v wheels?
You giving me hope to make my to upgrade my z with these, I will definitely have a closer look if these are the rails you were referring to, unfortunately this could take a while till I get back to my “shop” (pretty busy over the holidays)

Big thanks Elias for your suggestion!

Looks cool. What is the drum made of?