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Suggestions for X-Controller

Received my X-Controller today. Assembled it this evening. Easy enough! Can’t test it yet because I still have ways to go on the X-Carve.

Two suggestions:
(1) An access hole and screwed on cover plate on the top piece for easy access to the dip switches and potentiometers. If I had my machine dialed in already, I’d be on this in a minute. :smile:

(2) This applies to X-Carve as well. For screws, washers, and washers, please include 2 extra of each item with the total. Note the required total + 2 extra (e.g. “16 + 2”) on the bag label. Whatever the price increase ends up being is a wash compared to burning an hour on a dedicated trip to Lowes looking for a tiny washer.

Building this thing is a ton of fun! I’m eager to have it finished and try it.


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You can test the X-Controller connectivity to the computer just fine without the X-Carve. You might save yourself some frustration later.

And I second the extra parts. Live in the rural mountains of WV and a decent H/W store is 50 miles away. Made two special trips so far.

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it would be nice to have two radio buttons in easel so if you want to start your tooling or stop it with out inputting a “G” code to do so

I am looking for a fan to replace the existing fan with something that doesnt sound like it will explode. any suggestions

looks like it’s a 40mm x 15mm @24v