Suhner Spindel Upgrade - Too heavy for the X-Carve?

Hi everybody,
iam thinking about a new Spindel for my X-Carve 500. At the moment i use the DeWalt 26200 / 611 but in Germany / Europe ist hard to get a 1/8" Collet
Shipping from overseas is to much :frowning: So i am looking for a new Spindel. I like the Suhner 1530. It seems to be a robust Spindel.

I am afraid,that the spindel is to heavy.

Suhner 1530 -> 2.9 kg
Kress 1050 FME-P -> 1,7 kg
DeWalt 26200 -> 2.1 kg

has anybody a suggestion? or expirience the the Suhner Spindel or with heavy other big beasts?

There were a couple of people who mounted a 1.5KW spindle which weighed ~6Kg — that and the other options are listed at:

Hmm, had found Suhner, and had it linked, but had forgotten about it.

How about ordering the 1/8 collect adaptor from ebay? Is like 2 USD including shipping. I have the same model as you (220V here)

The collet adapter sleeves are known to cause problems w/ runout, and metal incompatibilities, &c. — it’s another potential point of failure in something which is spinning thousands of RPMs. I used one for a while, in a Harbor Freight Trim Router, but really feel it should be avoided if at all possible.

I thought the Dewalt in Europe had additional collet options from the manufacturer which we don’t have here in the States…

Or, find a machine shop and have a custom collet made?

Or just buy a Kress — plenty of power for an SO2/X-carve.

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Thanks for the tip with the adapter sleeves.

In Europe Dewalt sells only 3mm and 6mm Collets… all metric… and no yankee imperial collets :grin:
but at least I have found nothing sofar.

A Kress i have also in mind. The Suhner has a little bit more power and i think it is more robust.

My doubt is the weight.


Might be able to find a machine shop which would drill out a 3mm collet on a lathe to make it 3.175mm? Ditto for the 6mm to 6.35, but it would probably be cheaper to import one from the States (if so, it’s worth getting the Elaire Precision set, or better still the Precise Bits ER-style collets)