Suicidal X-Carve?

Basically few issues lead me to believe that my X-Carve is trying to kill itself.

First might actually be an Easel issue, but the defaulting back to inches from millimeters almost made me crash my spindle 10 inches into my wasteboard instead of moving 10mm. This issue has been brought before I believe so I digress.

Second, I think it would be good if instead of the simple header pin connector used to connect the homing switched to the g-shelid it was actually a clip-in molex connector. I crushed my z-axis homing switch because this header pin connector got knocked out of place.

Lastly, why is it when you hit the stop button on a job your X-Carve attempts to crash itself into oblivion? Is it attempt to find home position? It doesn’t seem to be just complete destruction (exaggeration of course).

I think it is Easel issues. I had similar problem but if you carefully analyse you can catogerise the peculier behaviour into user experience, easel issues and machine assembly.
My problems when trying to cut acrylic -broke couple of bits then used a Chinese 3.16mm end bit which survived. But one of the eccentric nut on y-axis found on the floor? The x-axis belt got loose inspite of heat shrinking (i did not heat it well) so the homing got messed up and easel remembered old homing but x-axis has already slipped resulting in homing error got a double line. My spindle stopped mid way (luckily inventables are sending a new one which might take some time as I live in UK) the power supply is good but no power to spindle. After resetting the spindle is dead.
I was checking if the spindle rotate yes it does turned on manual - spindle powers up but not always if it does not power up if i rotate the axil it powers up (may be a loose connection in spindle?)
Tried to restart the job (very slow 0.5 mm depth per pass 200mm per min on a 3.16 double flute end mill,) reset the homing through limit swtch try to re cut the acrylic (which i was using by now as a wasted test piece) manged to cut on previos lines but halfway spindle stopped it was a bit warm cooled it and tried to resume the z - axis plunged in to the waste bord (luckily the acrylic was not there at that place so the bit was safe) .
The reason iam writing this story is that these things happen and as a hobbyist it is learning all along. I will wait for my new spindle and a free dewalt spindle case. Amazon uk doesn’tsell dewalt 611. I should look for others like makita…
After all this I am still happy and learning.