Support for edge banding

Description of the requested feature:

  • Add an option for edge banding on exposed and semi-exposed edges with the ability to specify the thickness of the edge banding to calculate panel sizes correctly.

What need or problem does this address?

  • Having to trim down panels after cutting them or resizing them manually before fabricating.

What area(s) of your workflow would this feature affect?

  • Design & manufacturing
    • Edge banding could be configured in the design stage or when generating cut lists
  • Estimating
    • Calculate how much edge banding is needed and include edge banding on estimates

What impact or value would this feature bring to you and other cabinetmakers?

  • Saves time and increases accuracy & quality of the finished product.

If applicable, please outline a scenario or example of how you or other users would use this feature and how it would impact or interact with your workflow.

  • My client wants to use a two-side prefinished plywood for their cabinets. The plywood manufacturer offers 1.5mm edge banding in the same color. Instead of having to manually resize the specific panels or trimming them down as a secondary fabrication step, I can apply edge banding to all exposed edges in my design which will automatically resize affected panels appropriately. Now I can manufacture my cabinets directly from my cut list!

Please include any images, links, or other references that help outline the proposed feature.

Can we have the option to put edge banding of different thicknesses on shelves, please