Support of camera for photogrammetric measurement and monitoring

More and more systems now support cameras, for both monitoring and for alignment / measurement of parts. They are also used for tracing and duplicating. I would love to have this ability on my X-carve. I have this on my laser system and it is incredibly helpful for aligning parts. For instance, I want to carve on a sign. In the software, I take a picture that becomes the background and I move the artwork until it is properly aligned with the stock. Then carve.

This can also be used so that I can draw what I want on a piece of paper, “scan” it with the camera, trace and then carve on some form of stock.

You will need a calibration routine to remove the camera distortion and get the proper mm per pixel that is saved in the Easel account.

Yes, this would be helpful. A quick search came up with CNC Cam. Camera Probe, But, I suspect this: Visicut is more of what you are looking for. Similar to the Glowforge camera alignment visual presentation.

I noticed Visicut well before the Glowforge was produced and often thought about how incredible this feature would be.

Having both a Glowforge and the X-Carve, I believe the alignment tool would be better suited for lasers as the type of bit and depth of cut can have a different effect on the final outcome.


Thank you for the message. Very helpful. I think CNC Cam might get me where I wan to be. I agree with the camera being better suited to laser. I use it a lot on my laser setup.

The two times I really want that capability on my X-Carve is when I am aligning the corner of a part, or the center of a circle to match an origin from generated G-code and when I want to make sure that my carve is centered on a strange shaped part.