Surfacing a long slab using Tiling

Hi Forum, I used tiling for the first time today, my slab of cypress pine is 930mm long and 380mm wide, I wanted to take 2 to 3mm off the top and bottom of the rough sawn slab and I was given two tiles by default, which seemed to make sense.
I thought “this shouldn’t be too hard” until I came to setup for the second tile and I had to reset my Z?
My first thought was, “it’d be great if we could use the last Z” as we can with using the last X-Y.
I setup my second tile and then set my Z on that rough sawn area, but alas, (you guessed it) it wasn’t the same as my first Z, so the surfacing depth was different on the other half of my slab.
So my question is; how can I ensure that the second Z setup is the same as my first?

When you click carve for that 2nd tile, instead of slecting the probe option on the left, select the manual option over on the right and you can select “use last” for x,y and z, eliminating your issue.

That being said, there are many other features that unfortunately easle lacks in, i suggest checking out other senders. You can go to project>download gcode and then use any compatible sender software to control the cnc and have much more control than the limited functions within easels sender setup.
The sender i use>>

Wow, you are so clever with all this stuff Seth, it’s obvious that I don’t click on buttons enough to checkout what they do isn’t it, I have seen the Manual tab when it is Probe time, but haven’t even looked at it, I will try it next time. Or I might even be brave enough to try Openbuild, which does look very clever.
Thanx again for your help

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