Surfacing and the lower level it creates

So I’ve made all my new wasteboards and the holes all line up with the ones that came with the inventables wasteboard. That’s all great. So I’m getting ready to surface my workspace and came upon a possible problem. If the x axis width is 37 inches and the workspace is 29.5, what happens if you surface out an 1/8th of an inch in the workspace and you’re left with a ridge outside of the 29.5 space? In theory you would want to run a 36 inch board through the workspace and only carve in the 29.5 zone. But now 3.25 inches on both extremes of the x axis are raised above the surfaced area. To my knowledge that would create a huge span of downward flew while carving. Am I missing something? To those of you who have surfaced your boards, how do you run a piece wider than 29.5 without it flexing? Thanks in advance.

Well, you make the wasteboard only large enough to surface the whole thing.
I would only apply a 29.5" wasteboars if that is the carve area limit of the machine :man_shrugging:

This issue is touched on at the 2:00 point in this video…

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that’s what im thinking. ill watch this again. thanks dude

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