.SVG created in Illustrator looks like garbage in Easel Pro

The TV station I work at would like me to engrave the show logo into a charcuterie board and then fill it with resin. The art department created a .SVG for me which looks great in Inkscape and then looks like it will run when I import it to JSCuts. When I bring it into Easel Pro it looks really weirs and won’t cut at all. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the image, so I can have the art department fix it?

What looks weird about it?

It looks like the image titled 53 in Easel and looks like the image 54 in Inkscape and JScut, which is what I want.

I see…the SVG is messy.
Try this one…

Thank you. I will try it out tomorrow. Can you explain in easy language what was goin on? I just asked for the artwork in a .svg. Maybe I needed to give them more information. Just trying to learn. Don’t mind reading or watching. Just want to get competent. I’m not an artist. Thank you again. Do you have any socials I can follow you on?

This is the laser engraving they had done. The want it carved out deeper and filled with resin.

The laser uses a raster image. It just sees color and lasers that spot. Any CAM program uses vectors. The vectors in that svg are just messy for CNC work (or laser CUTTING).
The original on the left, my cleaned up one on the right. Notice the background rectangle and the extra paths.

The cutouts in the apron neck and pocket had even more extra paths.

The pocket is actually made of 4 paths.

Even in their laser cut version, you can see there is some geometry missing on the neck strap’s left side. I shaped the version i fixed a little because I thought it looked funny.


This is a really nice explanation


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