SVG file bought from etsy not showing cut path in easel

I am new to this software. I bought a svg file for a chair on etsy and when i import the svg it shows the shape on the left side but doesn’t not show a cut preview on the right. I have adjusted depth and material size and thickness is correct.Its like it does not recognize the shape I have imported.I am very new to this so my apologies if i am using wrong terminology. i have included a screen shot and the file I purchased from etsy. thank you!

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Not sure what size bit you are trying to use but maybe try a 1/8" or 1/16" and see if it shows the preview. If your bit is larger then the line it will not show a cut.

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@EllesEmpoirum I sent you a PM.

I was using a 1/8 but I did try 1/16 and still nothing. Its as if the program doesn’t recognize the file properly

There’s an issue with the file you bought and its compatibility with Easel. Check the version I sent you in a private message.


what was the issue and again thank you so much

I would try using the offsetter app to generate and new vector. Set to cut outside shape path of original.

Delete the offset vector not needed

Hi Neil: Could you post the solution here that you used to fix the file? (Not the file – just what was wrong with it and how you fixed it.) That will help others if they have a similar problem. Thanks

@mxm23 Probably not. I don’t remember what the issue was with this particular file. if you are having an issue, I’m happy to take a look. In general, I use Inkscape to make any fixes. Inkscape is one of the tools I teach, so I have way too much experience looking at poorly created files.

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Thanks Neil. I don’t have a problem file. I was just asking for your method so others might be able to fix files themselves. Have a great day!

In my experience, every SVG someone posts here that has an issue is pretty unique in its issue. Many times they have duplicate paths, disconnected nodes, embedded text or images, etc.

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