SVG Gradient

I am trying to import an SVG file from Adobe Illustrator of a rectangle that has a gradient that is lighter in the center and darker at the edges. I want to carve a gradual bevel around the perimeter with no carve in the center part. I can create the SVG file in Illustrator fine but when I import it into easel, it always imports as just a single cut depth.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Use the super gradient generator app in Easel.

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Easel dont support SVG gradient imports if I am not mistaken :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.
I tried using the gradient generator but had problems with the rectangle giving a uniform margin all the way around the rectangle. That is it would give the gradient along the two short sides to the same extension as the two longer sides. I was looking to taper more gradually on the long sides than on the short sides to give a gradual taper along along the length of both the x and y axes. Doesn’t look like the gradient generator is able to accomplish this.

Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of.

Whenever I have a geometry Easel don´t support I use Fusion360 to model it.
The Gradient app in Easel is decent but dont offer much control beyond a single/continous gradient.

The ‘Super’ Gradient Generator DOES offer a LOT of control over the curvature of the gradient ramp. It takes a little time to learn how it works, but it’s very nice.