SVG Grouping Layers

Is there a way to have Easel have the Imported SVG layers grouped instead of seeing it as separate layers?
I got a SVG that has 256 layers and to add another objects into Easel with it, it’s a nightmare to send the new object to the bottom. I would be happy of just knowing what code I could add to the SVG file using notepad if possible. Though I wouldn’t want Easel not to have the capabilities to edit the individual layers in a SVG either. Just would be nice to be able to group and/or ungroup layers or objects.

Tony Z

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but while you wait for layer grouping or at least a “send all the way back” button, this is a trick that I use when I have a whole bunch of vectors to go over top of one that I just created:

  • You’ve already imported the SVG into Easel and have them where you want them
  • Create the new vector or vectors up above where you want them to be on the art board in Easel.
  • Select All and then holding shift, deselect the new vectors that you want to be on the bottom
  • note the position of this selection (so you can put it back into place
  • choose to copy the resulting selection from the menu
  • delete the selection
  • choose to paste from the menu
  • reposition the stuff that was just pasted back to where it was (usually just adjusting the X position in the Shape tab)
  • position the newer vectors and see that they are now all the way at the back

It is just a workaround, but hopefully it helps a little.

Thanks sketch42 for the tip.

I looked inside the svg code and found out that inkscape goes by the standard element for grouping. So, yeah, I can change it in the code but Easel won’t recognize it. I guess this is one for the “Easel Feature Recommendation” category.