SVG import results in the negative of what I want

I have a design in Fusion360 that I’m trying to bring into easel in order to then push out to my XCP. I’ve been using a Shaper for a couple years, so exporting the SVG file is simple enough, but when I bring it into Easel, the resulting design is the negative of what I want it to be… it shows all the material I want to keep being removed, and all the material I want removed remaining in place. It seems like there is something dumb I’m missing, but I can’t figure it out. Any tips appreciated.

just a heads up, there is a machining tab in F360 and an Easel Post processor, you can do all of the toolpathing in F360 since you’ve already done the design over there…then just import the gcode to Easel IF you want to use Easel as the sender.

Depending on how the design is importing and how you want to invert it, you can use the lego button to access tools and there you can use Xploder OR Shape Exploder and one of these will seperate the design into parts that you can then select separately and delete the negatives that you don’t want.

If this doesn’t make sense or doesn’t work for your design, please share the easel project link and I can show how to invert it…

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Seth beat me to it…why Easel?

That said, can you upload the f3d file here…I can take a look.

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Easel because I want to get it cut today, and I have spent zero time trying to understand how to go straight from fusion to XCP.

The thing I was not understanding a moment ago was that I need to select each shape within the SVG, and tell it to cut ‘inside, outside, or on’… and set a depth for each.

I think I’m good now.


I noted that when I was importing an image the other day it was doing the same thing when I imported an svg. I want back and imported and noticed that when I removed the background I was removing the portion of the cut that should stay with the image. When I moved the image I had seperated the two “pieces of the SVG”. I recommend retrying to import the image on a clean workspace in easle and then select all and then combine and then you should be able to manipulate the image. I hope this helps.

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