SVG Stroke-Alignment Property

I’d like to see support for the stroke-alignment property on svg imports:

With this simple attribute, importing SVGs could become far more powerful as you could easily specify your outline to be on the path, an outside, or inside cut. It doesn’t seem like it would be challenging to add the functionality.

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Hi Ethan,

What software do you use to generate SVGs? Does it support that property?

I’ve written my own program for exporting SVG’s from solidworks. As such i have full control over what gets implemented :wink:. l’ll be posting it on the forums soon.

edit: I’ve posted the program under this forum post:

This is exactly what I’m looking for, too. When importing complex SVG designs, it would be such a time-saver to be able to specify inside/on/outside in the file rather than going through each path individually in Easel. I’m seeing that stroke-alignment doesn’t have much implementation/support yet, so even something like red/green/blue specifying the alignment. Either way, since I’m also writing my own SVG export code. Cheers!