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I apologize if this has been asked before, but my search found slightly different issues from mine.

I purchased and SVG file from etsy. I have only used easel pro for the last two years and haven’t needed an expansion. However, this svg does not look good on path cut or pocket, regardless of bit. I typically use a 90 degree v bit. Seller said to use vcarve. So I downloaded it and finally got it to work. However, not sure if the trial version lets me export the file to easel. I did the steps for the post-processor but I don’t see it in the program.

Any suggestions? Maybe to make the svg an outline only for easel? Don’t feel like purchasing vcarve especially since I haven’t needed it until today for one file.

What easel is doing

this what I would like to carve.

A CNC only dose what you tell it, just like a computer.

Check all your setting, start with a 60 degree “V” bit at .05" for the depth

What program is that?

In easel pro, I have tried the 60 at .05 and it looks like the image i posted above. .02 works but not as detailed and not on path like i suspected, how yours looks like… Should I try a 30 degree? I suspected because the board is small, it wont be as clear.


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Ok looks just like mine. Thank you for the help, can’t believe I over looked that. Small font loses detail but better off than where I was lol. Thank you!

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the smaller you make it, you lose the details as a group.
you can possibly increase the size of the text, ungrouped from the rest of the project.

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