Swapping a Dewalt 611 for a Quiet Cut Spindle with speed controler

I would like to swap my Dewalt 611 for one of your Quiet Cut Spindle and manually control the RPM with one of your Speed controllers. I’m just not sure of the correct Power supply to purchase as you have about 5 different ones in your product library. Can you list all the parts I need to make this swap and to control the speed manually? Thank you

You will require the 48 Volt power supply. I believe that the number is 30353-03. You will also require the spindle speed controller part number 30417-01.

You will also need a different mounting plate for the Quiet Cut spindle. It is smaller in diameter than the DeWalt.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!

As I’m sure you know, most will encourage you to stay away from the quiet cut spindle. I had the 400w brushless spindle and now the makita rt0701c. The rt0701c is louder for sure, but with much more grunt. Depending on what you are cutting, once your tool touches your material, the difference in sound of the motor running without cutting becomes a non issue. If you only ever wanted to do light work then the quiet cut isn’t a bad choice.

The Chinese spindle also burned itself up, but I live in hawaii so I attribute that mishap to the humidity. I dis sure enjoy the easy pwm interface on my brushless speed controller. Not sure how yours would be.

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While the Makita RT070x is louder it is far from loud (Speed setting 1&2) :slight_smile:
Happy Makita user :smiley:

Yes, failed to mention that the makita “Louder” is definitely still quiet. Louder than the quiet cut, but only marginally. Thanks for the clarification @HaldorLonningdal :slight_smile: