Swapping the X and Y axis

So I have my upgraded X carve running. It is basically the 1000mm XCarve but with the Y axis extended to 2500mm, the X is still 1000mm (for now).

The problem is that this really doesn’t work to the point of potentially causing a dangerous situation because everyone who uses the machine assumes that the long axis is the X and the short one the Y because the long axis is the one you stand in front of when using the machine.

So is there a way to flip the axis on the X-controller? Simply plugging the plugs into different sockets doesn’t work because the Y axis has two motors and the X only has one. So what I am looking for is a software reassignment.

I guess I can recompile GRBL but once I fork… am I missing some software setting?

Not sure I agree with that statement. Can you elablorate? Most people I have read about use the Y axis as the long axis.

​Most people have square machines.

Mine looks like this: http://www.hallambaker.com/Images/CNC/view2.png

Cutting area is 31" by 110" and the operator stands in front of the long axis because the other two are blocked.

I am not interested in comments of the form ‘you don’t want to do that’. I have a lot of HCI experience and I know that asking people to mentally flip axes in their head is a recipe for disaster.

I’m not suggestng that you do or do not do anything.

If you read through this forum you will find that most people that have asymetric axes, use Y for the longer axis. I was just interested in getting more information about what you were doing.

My bad.

The problem is that the picture on the control monitor does not match the machine.

So I am looking at the GRBL code and can modify the pins easily enough. Now just need to work out how to flip the limit switch on the (new) Y axis so it is now a low limit rather than a high limit.

OK turned out there is no short cut. The only way to make this happen is to get the GRBL code, change the pins over in the header file and then do the GRBL software config for the rest.

I tested the machine by making a sign and hope to get started on projects that make full use of the 805mm x 2225mm cutting area soon.

Why does that 5mm matter? Well its because Han in Carbonite is 2’6 1/2" wide at the widest part and then there is another 10mm for roundover which means that I need 797.6mm of travel to cut out the top with an 8mm bit. The extra couple of mm gives me some extra space to work with.

The long term plan is to replace the gantry with a gantry that is 1100mm. That will give me a 900mm of cutting area and room to cut out fenders for Daleks in one piece.

Can you go into slightly more detail about how you changed pins over? I think i can switch once i get the code but i am having issues getting it.

Sorry, only just saw this.

I downloaded the GRBL package from Inventables. There is one file that has all the hardware configuration. I changed the pins over and recompiled.

It is a real faff to do because of the half baked projects notion in the arduino loader. Will pull the code later and comment.

hello @PhillHallam-baker
I am in the same situation, can you please help me out with the recompile GRBL.

thank you in advance :slight_smile: