Switching from the Dewalt 611 to


Has anyone tried switching to this from the Dewalt:

I’m running my Dewalt for 3+ hours at a time (normally longer for some of the stuff that I’m cutting) and the brushes have died on the machine. So it’s getting replaced.

Rather than do the warranty thing with Inventables every three months for when I blow these things up has anyone switched

(yes I know I can just get brushes but I’d like something a little more robust)



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You run for 3+ hours and burn through a set of brushes?? I’ve had my XC for 1.8 years and have used it quite a lot and it’s still on the first set of brushes.

Since having the machine it’s run at speed 1 for probably 180 hours. Most of that time it’s 3+ hour carves

The brushes are meant to last 80-100 apparently

This is consistent with other user reports aswell, 150hrs +/- at speed #1.
Air or water cooled spindle with good bearings top and bottom will be an improvement.

Powerwise you’ll probably be quite content with a 0.8kW spindle, but if your machine can handle the weight a 1,5kW one dont cost much more really.

I’m looking at the air cooled system as long as the weight isn’t much more than the dewalt

I grabbed another DW and ordered brushes whilst I make my mind up. The whole inverter setup kind of puts me off a little tbh

Yeah me too, a VFD upgrade will happen but I have other priorities before that. I use the Makita and its brushes seem to last longer, plus I have spare brushes on hand.