Sword Holder Gift

This is a sword holder going away gift I made for an Army friend. Work is all done with the X-Carve and Easel. It’s my first big X-Carve project but after quite a bit of trial and error, here is the end result.

Much thanks to all the folks that have posted pointers on the forum, I literally could not have completed this without all of the great posts. The Inventables and X-Carve community is extraordinary!


awesome work! At first glance I thought this was inlay but noticed the grain is constant. Did you carve the mask and stain or tint it?

Thanks! I stained the entire board and then carved down into it just deep enough to get to the bare wood. Once done it got two coats of spray lacquer.

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Nice method! Congrats on your success with your project!

Appreciate the kind words!

Very nice. I inherited a civil war era sword from my grandfather. I may have to build a mount like this for it.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Michael, I have pictures of several other designs if you’d be interested. This one is pretty specific as the mount is shaped into our brigade logo.

I’ll figure out some “shield” to mount it to when I get to that point. My priorities now is to get my machine operating.

The sword I have is from the civil war and was a union sword. If you have anything that you think might work, feel free to send me some pics.


Really neat idea. What’s keeping the sword from sliding down?

Funny you should ask… so this turned into quite the conundrum… First, I tried magnets. I wanted this option because it prevented me from having to affix anything to the sword blade itself. Unfortunately, the only ones I had in the shop didn’t hold firm enough and the sword would hold steady but the slightest movement would make it slide down. My eventual solution was the small circle of velcro. I got the brown color circles and attached the loop side to the mounts and the hook side to the sword. It holds it good enough that it is secure while hanging, but easy to pull off if you quickly need to engage in sword combat. :smiley:

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This sword is merely a replica of an 1817 Non Commissioned Officers Sword. Nothing legit like yours. You clearly need to display it!

Here is a design that is a bit less specific to a certain military unit. I actually used this a my guide for how to mount the sword.