Symbol creation

Just starting with software and would like to know how to insert the symbol for degrees in the text. Tried all the alt functions etc I could find online. Anyone?

press and hold down ALT while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad OR you can cheat and just open google, search it, and then Copy (CTRL+V) and then Paste (CTRL+P) it over into the text within easel…

Do note though, sometimes googling “degree symbol” might result in just a superscript Zero (0) instead of the correct degree symbol…

In this example, after the word “text” the first symbol is the Alt+0176 version, but the 2nd is a copy paste from google, and the 3rd is also a different copy paste from google.

This and other symbols can also be located by selecting the windows key and typing “symbol” and opening the windows character map and searching for the desired symbol and copy pasting from there, OR using the supplied keyboard method included in there as well… (I’m not sure if there’s a character map like this on Mac)

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I always use Alt+248

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