T track hold downs Help with pics please

Am doing a number of 2 sided carves and are holding them with two bolts is working very well. This morning while my CNC is down, made a couple of hold downs for the two bolt system that will work on t track in the spoilboard, Have a couple of pictures of hold downs for this and have no idea how to paste them in the forum, or if someone likes PM me an email address & I CAN forward them with some text so a kindly person can help this luddite help others.

If you have pictures on your computer, you can edit your post and drag it into the box under the text.

Did I mention luddite, do not know how to drag them from one program to another, but have already emailed them to a friend so I can do that, It’s not that big a deal.

Well…if you want to try something.

Place your picture on the left side of your computer desktop.

Next, click on the pencil icon next to the 3 dots under the message text. and the window will open into two smaller windows.

Assuming you have a PC, click the left button on the picture and drag it into the window on the left side. It will load the picture. You’ll see it show up on the right side window.
Then hit reply.

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Or select this icon, then you can navigate to the location of the images…

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