Tab editing for 3D carves

Is there a way to add or delete tabs for 3D carves. Specifically add tabs as I am wanting to do a carve but there is an area that is missing tabs and I don’t want the piece(s) to move and bounce off the bit causing a bad carve or snapping the bit . I know I can move the tabs around but need to be able to add, I have read the info on the 3D carve process and done one already but all the tabs where there on the other project. I do a combination of clamps and double sided tape to minimize movement but there is still room for error on tape placment .

The material I will be using is aprox. 2 in thick and that is why I have some concerns. see picture below on where tabs are missing and needed in the circled area.

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No, there isn’t a way to Add tabs.
There’s a trick to reduce the tab count by simply placing multiple tabs on top of each other…

I would move the tabs from a better supported area into that area AND use double sided tape below to aid in holding the piece firmly.
TBH, I usually just rely on the double tape and don’t use tabs at all.

Thats what I was thinking as well , been watching a lot of videos talking about the something , thanks for confirming .

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