Table and build

So ordered my 1000mm unit for black Friday, and delivery was to be right before Christmas, but I would be in Florida for the holidays, so I asked they hold shipment until after I returned. It all came in yesterday and I started building this evening. I won’t bore you with the actual build of the unit, as we all follow the same instructions and can easily see what it looks like completed.

My dilemma was where was I going to put this beast. Thought about building a table and did plenty of research on them, flip carts, tables big enough to park a Smart Car on, etc. etc. First thing I had to do was find room for this behemoth in my already crowded garage, so kiddos and I started putting in work when it finally hits me.

I have been dying to do something about this big 'ol fish tank and stand that I can’t use because the military has me moving entirely too much to continue to set up and break down this big 90 gallon cube I have. So I wondered if it would be able to accommodate the X-Carve…not in weight-wise of course, because this thing was built like a tank for the reef I had originally envisioned in 2016.

So I took this (more of a furniture piece), applied some Danish oil to it, threw some 3" casters with brakes on it, and BOOOM!!! perfect fit for my new toy/Christmas present and I didn’t have to build a thing.

Long intro done, here is my table and how the waste board sits on it…will secure it with some screws as I finish up the build. Will also make a laptop attachment at some point to attach.

Initial Build of stand in 2016


How it looks as of right now after applying Danish Oil and Shellac last night


Use what you got. Looks good and should work fine.