Table building advice

After reading all about tables I’ve learned what a torsion box is, and that I need to have one. (Just purchased 1000mm). I dont see any posts about tables that aren’t including a torsion box, but I can’t be the only new guy with a lack of tools. So I understand I SHOULD HAVE a torsion box…
BUT I don’t have the tools or materials to get that done properly. I did get my hands on 2 sheets of 3/4 MDF and some 2x4 studs (although I don’t think enough). If I can get a table put together with a cross piece underneath the sheet, will I be able to get by, Or will I likely cause misalignment and damage to my machine that I won’t be able to fix later?
I’ve searched the forum and categories in every way I could think, maybe I’m just not phrasing correctly. Definitely tried not to add to the clutter of questions. If someone can point me to a topic that answers my question I’ll gladly delete this.

A simple 2x4 frame with a flat top will be fine. I’d recommend plywood over MDF though. It’s less likely to sag. You could throw a piece of your MDF on top as MDF is nice and flat. Make sure the bench doesn’t rock.

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Thank you!

My table has a 2x6 frame with supports across the 4’ direction with 3/4" MDF, been that way for 2 years with no issue.

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Here are a couple of pictures from when I first assembled my X-Carve - I built the bench specifically for it. I used 3/4" plywood and 2x4’s. It’s done just fine for me.

Doors are essentially tortion boxes. You may be able to find a big one at a Habitat resale store or something like that.

Thanks everyone for the replies and pictures! This has helped a lot