Table for 1000x1000 x-carve

So I am finally getting around to make my work bench for the x-carve (as i don’t feel like bending over and getting down to crawling baby level to do anything with it anymore). Looking at all the amazing tables everyone has come up with I grabbed a bit from each one and designed my own. The biggest thing(s) I wanted to do is make the table functional…

1). Move all the electronics out of the way to prevent dust from getting in or on them

2). Impalement storage

3). Provide a large enough footprint so the tools i regularly utilize are easy to access.

and more!..

The photo below is the first look at the project. I only have about 1 hour into it, but wanted to post it so others new to the x-carve world could be inspired to make a table that is not just a table, but a fully functional/well thought out addition to the machine.

Progression photos will be posted throughout the weekend!

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Nice, are you thinking on some cover or enclosure on top?

I am waiting my xcarve yet but I need to think on a solution for indoor apartment use. My idea is to build some enclosure that can hold my 3d printers on top, maybe with some sound isolation with the minimal footprint

I am not certain yet…i looked into doing some king of enclosure, but not entirely sure if i will and or with what.

Made some progress this weekend and as promised I have attached photos


Some more upgrades to the table and machine