Table Numbers

To force some practice with my XCarve, I offered to make table numbers for my brother’s wedding later this year. With some inspiration ideas from the bride to be, they settled on this design and I’m liking how it’s coming together.

So I figured I’d share here for any tips/comments for future projects.

Album here:

All I really need to do is just put some kind of sealant on them. They were looking to get some kind of Matte finish on it. Any recommendations?


I use minwax polycrylic. It is available in satin, semigloss and gloss finishes. I also use Captain’s Varnish. More expensive than minwax but for certain applications, its worth it. It is also available in satin and gloss finishes.

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Those look great! Nicely done, sir. I use water-based polyurethane for everything. You might find it easier to spray. Maybe a cheap HVLP from Harbor Freight?

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Here is something I made for a friend that used satin finish clear coat and gunstock stain.

I’ll have to keep these in mind next time I hit up the store for supplies. I currently only have some wipe on Poly and rattle can Helmsman spar urethane.

Does that come in an aerosol can, or spray via compressor? Currently don’t have a large airbrush setup. just a tiny one for hobby miniatures and such.

They come in both spray cans and cans that can be used in a sprayer.

Since these are single-use items and won’t see a lot of wear and tear, I’d just run into the paint section at Home Depot and grab a spray can of clear coat.


I made some for my wedding last year and now they are being borrowed by all of her friends along with various other signs. You’ll be getting bugged regularly now.

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looks great!

being a little superstitious on occasion, I think I would have skipped “13” ha ha ha

Mostly just for practice using the stuff.

hah, I went with 13 since they said they’d have “twelve or thirteen” tables. So just so I didn’t have to do a one-off.


You could use the ‘interlocker’ app in Easel to make an interlocking base and then add a word (on a stick) to it. I just was working with a friend to make a similar file to this: