Table Saw Fence?

I’m hoping you guys can help me design a table saw fence for my Dewalt 745.

The stock fence is cheap extruded aluminum that is attached to cheap injected molded plastic with a couple m5(?) bolts. The plastic on mine broke off in transit. A replacement costs $80 before shipping (almost half what I paid for the saw).

So I’m hoping to use some nice extruded aluminum to build something that is easily removable, and stays square to the table. I currently have a couple pieces of 500mm 20x80 extrusions. How would I create a system that slides back and forth easily, doesn’t interfere with the top of the table, stays square to the blade, locks and unlocks easily?

Here are a couple examples of third party fences. None seem to be compatible and/or cost effective to the saw I own.

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Take a look at the Vega Fence. I have the Vega 40 for my Inca 12" saw, it is worth every dollar! Their customer service is great too.

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sure you have the 8020 extrusion but in the end if you add up time and material you will probably be way better off buying a pre made fence. 8020 is not cheap and machining a hold down clamp would be time consuming. sorry to shoot this idea down but if you just want a basic fence i would buy one. if you want a tiger stop style fence you would save ~$2000 making it yourself

Here is something I have on my todo list.

He sells the plans also. This is a sharp kid.