Table size for 1000mm


What size table should I build to hold the 1000mm?

What is the exact size of the xcarve with and without the x-controller next to it.



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In answer to your question. My table is 48" x 60". My 1000mm fits nicely with a sideboard.

Xcarve is approx. 40" x 40" with out sideboard.


These are two used kitchen cabinets I purchased from the Restore. Bolted them together back to back. So I actually had 16 drawers to fill.


Willie, would your machine fit if you were to rotate it by 90 degrees?

What I’m asking is, would 48" be big enough for the 1000mm with sideboard? The website’s dimensions say that the 1,000mm + sideboard is 1250mm (49.2126"). Is that inch and change going to be an issue if my table is 48" x 48"?

Is that a Home Depot shopping cart? Nice!

I found that on the side of the road, far away from a Home Depot.

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Do you think there would be to much vibration or shaking if i put my table on wheels? Its going to be placed in my spare bedroom on carpet…

I used 4" hard rubber wheels with locks, no vibrations.

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I don’t think it would be a problem if it extended past the table a bit on each side.

That is a brilliant idea, I was wondering what I was going to use and I think I have my mind made up. what machine do you have and what is your final measurements that you ended up with.

I have the 1000. Machine with side board measures 39 1/2" x 49 1/2". Table size is 51" x 66". The re purposed kitchen base cabinets are perfect. 4" hard rubber wheels with locks make it very stable. And I have 16 drawers.