Table size Vs Cut size

Hi I have a small 3018 table size CNC and have been wanting to carve to the maximum size of the X and Y axis. Across the table I can carve the full 30cms but the table depth is 18 cms but the cut maximum is only 13.5cms. Is my table set up correctly?? I followed the assembly instructions to the letter.
Has anyone else had this problem?

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Can you clarify the bed on your 3018 only has 135mm of movement? Or other issue

Also did you physically measure this amount, or are going by the reading on your software.

If it is the bed movement thats limited and you manually measured it ,what it stopping the movent, you csn set it on its side to watch the bottom while jogging, are the linear bearing mounts hitting the front and back? The 4 linear bearing mounts hitting the ebd of travel should be the thing that stops travel of a 3018, if its not actually reaching the end to stop, but instead is binding , then loosen the rods (and the bearing mounts if needed), then drive all to the end and tighten, then repeat on the other end. It should travel the full length now

If the 135 measurement was coming from the software then the movement might need calibrated.
James Dean Designs has some great videos about 3018 setup on YouTube.

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