Table/support for the x-carve

Looking to see what kind of work table I should be put in under this thing I know the rough dimensions and it weighs approximately 32 lb just wanting to know what kind of torque I should expect how sturdy and staple the table needs to be to go under it I’m planning on making something I just don’t want to go Overkill or to skimpy… any suggestions thanks

This what I built, in process of setting up my xcrave, think I’ll have plenty of room

Mine is sitting on an old 4’x8’ 2x4 stabilized work bench from years ago. When that “X” axis gets bouncing back and forth, it still shakes the bench. Make it sturdy. Laugh if you will, 4’x8’ is still not big enough. Once you realize your laptop isn’t large enough, you will graduate to a larger monitor, and then 2 monitors. Then there is the tool’s, they sit in the corner, then you acquire more tools, and then the pencil holders/rulers etc… If I ever do it over again, it will be 5’x probably 11-12’

Here’s what I use…

Any issues with mobile table? I am considering something like this but am concerned about stability.

None. It’s solid as a rock! I have nearly all the bigger tools in my garage mobile due to the space.