Tablet/cookbook holder

My wife had me make this for our daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. The wood is hickory, designed in Aspire, and sent to X-carve via UGS.

I used a 45 degree v-bit for the border and letters. We used natural stain/black paint, and a couple coats of spray poly.


can this be put up as a project in easel as I would dearly love to make copy thanks

Although I made this in Aspire, I was able to convert it to an SVG and import it into Easel. Here’s the link:

Unfortunately, I don’t use Easel all that much, so hopefully that will work for what you want/need! The front ledge and the back “kickstand” I just measured and cut with my miter saw.


Another tablet/cookbook holder my wife had me make for her grandmother. Made out of cherry, used a 45 degree v-bit. My wife did all the staining/coloring. Turned out great with the different colors!

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