Tablet to run Xcarve

Looking on the forum it looks like in the past some users have found some pretty good tablets to run the carve with. Any new suggestions? I want something cheap to leave in the garage.

I use an Asus Transformer t100 10" I believe that one runs for like $100 on ebay last time I checked. Is pretty good to run the xcarve but with that size, its pretty hard to design on easel. But you can also hook up a bigger monitor to it, which is my plan someday.

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The big concern is you need to find a tablet which has the ability to have both power and USB connections — Intel did a reference design w/ a single USB port for connections and power, some dongles overcome this, but it’s a thing specific to specific systems.

the asus has a full size usb in the keyboard. The bad thing is that is only one!

Unfortunately, not all hubs will allow all tablets to access both USB signal and power — be sure to check for compatibility on this. Also, some people have found that a powered hub (depends on chipset?) will interfere with communication. Be prepared to do some testing.

is this the one you use? Do you have any of the usb issues discussed below?

mine has an additional fullsize usb port:

It think it was a Winbook TW700 or so.


I only need one usb for the xcarve, I was just letting him know that it only has 1 usb, but yeah, a hub could be a solution if you need more.

yeah that’s the one, but like I said, the usb is in the keyboard, so make sure that if you get one , you get it with the keyboard for it. And no, no issues connecting to the xcarve whatsoever, it works just fine. But do your own test so you can be sure I guess.

thanks. looks like that one comes with the keyboard. Do you run UGS on it?

no, never have, I just use straight up easel with it.

Im sure you could, it has bluetooth but the full size usb is in the keyboard and not the tablet itself.

I used a WinBook TW101 Tablet for a bit without any issues.

I was referring to joesimone’s question, asking if I run “UGS” on it!

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Some are using a raspberry pi to run jobs so you can use that to send jobs to the X-carve via your tablet.
My 3d printer does this.

Thanks for all the answers. I got the ASUS tablet to try first. I haven’t hooked it up to the machine yet but I have gotten Easel and UGS running so its looking good.


You can always use a cheap Android tablet, running a VNC as a remote controller of your main PC connected to your machine.

I Also have been running the Asus Transformer, windows 10.1 now. Nice part is that Aspire will run on it. Little slow but like they said above, for $100, you can’t go wrong

Has anyone on here run it with a Surface Pro? I currently use my MacBook Pro where I sit in my office and work designs and then take it out to the garage once I’m ready to start a carve but a dedicated pad type device does interest me. Never mind I found another post on that (hectorluna)