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I have a 3/4’ piece of wood. I want my image to be cut out, so I chose 3/4 as my wood height, so it’ll cut all the way through. How do I know what the height of the tab should be? It’s defaulted to 0.080, but that cuts deeper than my piece of wood. I’ve already ruined 3 things because of this. (My image moved and got messed up.)

Also, it’s not even cutting all the way through. Should I lower the bit a little at the start, or should I add a bit more height to the piece of wood itself. (from 3/4 to 5/8, maybe???)

Thank you for any help I can get!!


How are you measuring the thickness of the wood?
3/4" plywood is not 3/4"
You can adjust the height and width of your tabs

Hi Russell…
Thank you for your quick response.
I used a tape measure. It’s a piece of pine fencing.
How do I know what the height of the tabs should be?

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It best to use a digital caliper to measure the thickness of wood. The pine fence is probably close to .625"

Usually the standard setting works good but if your project is coming loose you want to add to the height of your tab, make it .125
I use these and they work good, you can get them at Harbor Freight or Amazom


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Thank you so, very much!!
I actually have a caliper…It’s tiny, but I guess it’ll work.


You’re welcome, using the calipers will help with the thickness of the material. That’s why the bit was going through the wood.
Good Luck


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