Tabs don't show up

I noticed in posts quite a long time ago that tabs were not showing up. I’m new to Easel and using it with a Maslow M2. It seems like a very easy program to use but I click on the insert tabs box and I don’t see anything. I also saw a tutorial where you could place the tabs where you want them. I don’t seem the have that option.

Can you share an example?

You have to have the depth set to cut through the material in order to see the tabs. So once you have the depth set to cut through you will see yellow lines, that’s the tabs. The object must be selected to see the tabs. You can hover over the yellow tab with your mouse and the mouse arrow will turn into a cross and you can move them where you want. Also the tabs will not show up in the preview screen.


I have the DOC same as the material thickness. I initially removed the tabs, but I want to put them back. I don’t see the tabs option under the DOC/Shape section. I can’t find out where I can insert tabs anymore. Please help!

It should show up, can you grab the slide and make sure it is all the way down?

Yeah, I don’t see it in the “cut” tab. The option for the tabs have disappeared. :pensive:

Can you share the file?

It looks like you have those shapes set to “clear out a pocket.” Tabs are only available when doing outline cuts. It looks like you might need to convert those shapes to single-line paths before importing.


Ahh! I had to modify it so many different times & I had to make a copy cause Easel had an error. Somewhere down the line it must have been changed. I just don’t remember doing that. Thanks! :grinning:

Aloha, Wayne! I sure will… as soon as I fix all the issues I’m finding. :upside_down_face:

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