Tabs not showing and cutting in easel pro

I have a problem with my tabs not showing and also cutting. my project messed up because of it. it shows on the design side but not on model side. above is a link to a circle and square cut out. can it be the easel driver. i have the latest easel driver installed

Easel doesn’t show tabs in the simulation panel, ever…

However, tabs are present in your toolpaths.

you can hide the material by pressing the 3 dots at the lower left and unchecking the “show material” box and then you ca inspect toolpaths and verify the tabs are present in the lath (or rather in the way the path avoids them) . . . What model CNC are you using? is it possible the calibration is off and the cnc is cutting deeper than it’s being told to resulting in the part being cut free? Or maybe the material thickness wasn’t set right? there’s a few other possibilities i can think of that might cause this, BUT the tabs are certainly present just as they should be.

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