Tabs - Specify Amount and Placement

Being able to place tabs where I specify, how many tabs to use and how thick they should be would be awesome


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I agree with this, it would also be nice to specify the thickness of the tab i.e. 4 tabs in these locations and 1/8" thick.

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Agreed. Put in a 1/2" circle in 0.3mm copper to cut all the way through and you end up with four small holes and the rest is all tab :smile:

So some form of optimisation in Easel or manual placement would be great.

I believe that this is in the works by @JeffTalbot, but can’t really comment on timeframe yet!

Yes, this is in process. Here’s a sneak preview:

You’ll be able to:

  • See where tabs will be made
  • Position tabs anywhere on the profile
  • Add/remove tabs
  • Specify tab width
  • Specify tab height

Yes, perfect!

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awesome! easel keeps getting better and better!

Perfect Jeff :smile:

That looks great

This would be one of my dream features for Easel @JeffTalbot … Any chance to get early access / test it out?

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Any time frame for this to come out?


I’d love to test this out as well. I’m running into problems with the default tab height/width in dense woods (hickory, purpleheart) where I have to saw through a super narrow channel in order to pop out the cut.

Any chance to become a beta-tester of this function? … This is exactly the function I need! :smile:

Hi Gang,

Sorry, I was on vacation last week. The feature is still under development–not quite ready for beta testing yet. It’s kind of a personal project–not one of our top priorities–but I hope to have it finished up some time in the next couple weeks.


Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed it :smile:

I just have to be patient then :smile:

The reason I am so focused on this function, is that it makes my work alot easier.

I am cutting all the way through the material, and the current tabs are just a pain to remove and still keeping the finish :smile:

The material is “kydex”.

Every Belt slide has 12 tabs because of Easel puts 4 tabs on every piece :frowning: … takes a fair amount of time to remove them and it is not good for the final finish.

I am really looking forward to the “tab” upgrade to Easel @JeffTalbot :kissing_heart:

These look interesting, what are they? And what material did you use?

It’s almost ready for early access. Not much longer now…


Yay, this will be a great addition to easel!

It is belt slides for pistol holsters.

It is made out of .125" Kydex - very tough material!

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