Tabs - Specify Amount and Placement

Hi Gang,

Sorry, I was on vacation last week. The feature is still under development–not quite ready for beta testing yet. It’s kind of a personal project–not one of our top priorities–but I hope to have it finished up some time in the next couple weeks.


Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed it :smile:

I just have to be patient then :smile:

The reason I am so focused on this function, is that it makes my work alot easier.

I am cutting all the way through the material, and the current tabs are just a pain to remove and still keeping the finish :smile:

The material is “kydex”.

Every Belt slide has 12 tabs because of Easel puts 4 tabs on every piece :frowning: … takes a fair amount of time to remove them and it is not good for the final finish.

I am really looking forward to the “tab” upgrade to Easel @JeffTalbot :kissing_heart:

These look interesting, what are they? And what material did you use?

It’s almost ready for early access. Not much longer now…


Yay, this will be a great addition to easel!

It is belt slides for pistol holsters.

It is made out of .125" Kydex - very tough material!

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Excellent news Jeff. I’m also struggling with the current automatic tab placement so would be very welcome. :smile:



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Yes yes yaaaassss Please add me to the testing as soon as it’s ready for beta!

Looking forward to this. Would appreciate early access for testing when available!

Putting the finishing touches on the interactive tabs feature today, and noticed that a “delete tab” feature might not always be necessary. You can always just drop the tabs on top of each other. You can also place them next to each other to lengthen them. Here’s a quick demo:


Very nice!

Still not in beta?

Not quite… I will post here as soon as it is.

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I think having the ability to delete and add more tabs would help make the placement of tabs cleaner and more user friendly.

Yeah, I agree. Just noticed that there are alternate ways of doing it as well. Also, in order to get it out more quickly, we might not build the add/remove in the first iteration since you can drop them on top of each other.


Looking forward to this as well. I am working on engraving a half dollar size pendant and used tabs. The tab are almost half the size of the circle, which means finishing will be much harder and sloppier. Looking forward to this new feature.

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How do we get the “beta access” when ready? … spent 3 hours removing tabs today :frowning:

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Yah, tab adjustment is much needed…

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Please release this soon!!

I’m carving “V” shapes, and guess where it defaults the tab? Right in the center of the hardest to reach area. Near impossible to break the shape out let alone try and remove the tab for sanding.