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Tabs - Specify Amount and Placement

Question: If I am cutting a 1/2 inch profile on a piece of 1/2 inch thick material and the tab is 1/8 inch high, does the spindle cut the profile without pulling up to the safety height until it is 1/8 inch from the bottom of the material? And then on each pass around when it gets to the tab position it retracts the spindle to safety height?

Or does does the spindle retract every time it gets to where the tab is even if it has not yet reached the top of the tab?

It wouldn’t lift to the safety height until it got below the tab height (in this case 1/8" from the bottom).

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Lifting to safety height is not ideal, but I think the advantages of having movable tabs is worth the additional time it would take.

Any chance that it would be possible to set a job specific safety height?

I am only cutting plastics that are 2 or 3 mm thick - so option 1 would be fine with me.

Allen, if you go to Machine, Advanced, you can set the safety height to a minimum of 0.1mm if you need to. But it’s a project specific change.

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I think pushing the release back a week is a small price to pay to have a more refined feature. Any time savings is always my number one priority!

Hi Everyone,

This feature has been released. See this forum post:




Please change the color of the tabs! I and others can not see red on a black back ground.

Would this be better?

Quick mockup @chrisbalin threw together.



Yes, Thanks!

Hey @BryanKlotz , we changed the color and its live!


Looks great! I have never been able to see red on black unless it is backlit. Really appreciate it!

@BryanKlotz No problem! I’m red/green color blind and it was a bit difficult for me to see, too. So I welcome this change!

Any updates on specifying the number of tabs? It’s going to be difficult to make a couple of my next projects with limited tabs.

@Rusty - I think this will be coming out very soon.


Easel now lets you change the number of tabs:

You can click the up/down arrows or type in a value. Right now it restricts the range to 1-16 per object, and it will regenerate all tab positions when the value is changed.



oh man you guys are the best! Made my night!

I saw that new tick box last night around midnight. :smiley:

Thank you! Can’t wait to try this new feature this weekend :).