Takes longer to rough then to detail

I was trying to make a sign, and using a 1/16th bit it could cut out about 90% of the sign, so obviously I needed a detailed bit to finish it up. But using both a 1/16th and 1/32 took way longer than just using a 1/32 bit. To me that doesn’t make sense because you would think it wouldn’t need to repeat 90% of the process so that would have to be faster but that wasn’t the case. I ended up just using the small bit and saving myself few hours.

I feel like I am doing something wrong because the larger bit should have done 90% of the cutting and I don’t know why it would be slower than just using a tiny bit. Am I doing something wrong or is that just the way it is.

Sorry if this didn’t make sense, I was kind of rambling.

Can you share the project so we can see the details?

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I’m pretty sure a 1/16 bit IS a detail bit, as they are very fragile. Try using a 1/8 bit to rough out.

Looks like a detail pass will take a shallower depth of cut. If your 1/32" bit goes by itself, it won’t take as many passes as it does when it’s a detail bit. Change the cut settings to custom and match the feed to what you want.