Taller, Beefier X-Axis Plates

My aluminum milling x-carve has been working like a dream. However, I designed it with only .625" z-axis clearence (clarence). I just designed and cut these new taller, wider x-axis plates. The makerslide holes are milled to accept 6 mm screws instead of 5mm screws. The cable hole is larger. Those were the only mods I made. The 2nd plate only took 2 hours total to cut and I think I can trim that down further.

I am looking for the best way to use eccentric spacers for ease of adjustment.


Necessity is the mother. I do not use Y end plates. My makerslide is mounted directly to a very thick, perfectly square base, so, the only way for me to increase my z milling height was to create new x-axis plates. These also align everything on center and extend the v-wheels out by an inch or so. SHOULD be very solid. I won’t have time to install them until we send our kids to boarding school.

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With 6mm screws, how will your marry the plate to the Makerslide?

I’m Just curious, because that plate looks like it would eat my plates, and place my wasteboard on fire. LMFAO

Tapped the Makerslide to 6mm. But have switched to Open Rail since then. I do not believe the NEW Makerslide can be tapped to 6mm.

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ahhh… Got ya.

Thank You!!!.. And, I CAN’T thank you enough for the router package. As soon as I can figure out how to mill some plates (Isolating the shavings a bit), I will be beasting up my Machine!!! :smiley:

It’s hard to explain, but I kind of miss that router. It was a like a loyal friend.

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She was saying the same of you last night. Want me to wish her a Happy Holiday for you? :smiley:

By the way, may I ask what type of 1/2" endmill that is which you included?..

I’m still a noob trying to figure out what is what. LOL

Just a generic from Amazon. Can be used for wood or metal. I used it to surface the wasteboard a couple times and as a roughing bit for large 3d carves.